Monday, 5 August 2013

1 Poem by Elizabeth Dunphey

The Dakota

I have a fantasy of living in the Dakota
it is the most beautiful apartment in the world
From birth, it was the air I breathed
I love it even though John Lennon
was shot by Mark David Chapman outside it
even though Rosemary's Baby
was filmed there
and everyone knows that was about devil worshippers

Pregnant Rosemary - luminous Mia Farrow―had to schlep
around that building in terror of her Satanic husband
even with these tales
I know it would simply be different
for me and you
I would just love you, Dakota
facing Central Park West
I would just know you intimately
as the millionaire widows in glasses
and banker cats do, the babies with nannies.

I covet the creamy yellow exterior and gothic steeples
of darker green
the architectural harmony and peace.

I know you, and I know your secrets are as New York as a bagel
or peanuts or Broadway
I know you.  So please
wait for me, with your devils and your demons
Just wait and one day I'll be with you.


Elizabeth has studied at NYU and the now infamous Dartmouth College.  She hast interned at Maxim Magazine.  Her favorite writer is Blake Nelson, who she had a correspondence with.  She also knows a famous Hollywood director.  Her inspiration is girl fiction and the novel A Ship Made of Paper.

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